You deserve luxury.

You work hard – or maybe you’ve just retired from a high-stress career. We at Luxury Cruises are here to help you recognize that you deserve only the best holiday experience — from the best cruise consultant in the business.

Welcome to the home of Luxury Cruises.

We understand that there are certain moments that change the course of your life for the better. We know that these moments normally don’t just occur, but that you have to go out and grab them. Take the time to reward yourself. We are in the business of giving you the experience of luxury that you deserve.

There are many other cruise agents in the business. They charge an incredible amount, book your mediocre cruise, and then let you go on your way.

We guarantee not only a luxurious cruise, but also a luxurious booking experience. We aren’t generalists like most other cruise agents – we specialize in the best. Why? Because we only serve the best clients. Our clients understand what they deserve – they understand how important these little, life-altering moments are – and they go out and grab them. All we do is help change the course of their lives.

We’ve created this website so that you can browse a range of high-quality luxury cruises that we have selected ourselves. However, we can only create a magical experience tailor-made to your specifications if you pick up the phone and call us.

Call or e-mail us today to start the journey of your dreams.  We’d love to hear about you so that we can tailor-make a perfect cruise to your personality and lifestyle.