Mediterranean Cruises

Luxury Cruise Packages to the Mediterranean

Here’s a secret: there is cruising, and then there’s luxury cruising.
Our experienced team based in Sydney, Australia has carefully selected the finest from the many luxury cruises around the world. We ensure that our clients get the ultimate bespoke cruising holiday with Michelin star dining, exotic itineraries, indulgent amenities, and attentive service tailored to your needs. Click here to learn more about our team.

The best of luxury cruises around Italy and other Mediterranean countries

Imagine travelling on luxury cruises through warm, azure waters and docking alongside colourful Mediterranean European cities around Italy, France and Spain, loaded with history and gorgeous culture – art, architecture, music, literature, fashion and cuisine. Have all the amenities of luxury at your fingertips, your ship is your home away from home. The dining experiences, the spas, the pools, the service, the amenities, the entertainment, the itineraries, everything top-class and available to you. If this sounds like your kind of holiday, then you should consider one of our many bespoke luxury cruise itineraries (delete the work packages– I offer customisation, not packages).

If Italy and the Mediterranean doesn’t tempt, perhaps an Alaska luxury cruise ship experience or our cruise lines travelling the Greek Islands would be more your style.

Consider bringing your family on one of our Italian luxury cruise ships

Are you in your golden years, and are looking for a special way to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life? Are you looking for a special way to get your family together to spend quality time with your children and grandchildren? Our cruise lines are great for travellers who want that little extra. It allows both you and your adult children to relax and unwind, while your grandchildren are spoilt with entertainment opportunities – all in a safe and luxurious environment. Create memories for life, book your cruise today!

Book your luxury cruise holiday in Australia today, go to the Mediterranean tomorrow

Book your luxury cruise holiday with us today to ensure a stress-free holiday. From Sydney, Australia we specialise in luxury cruising for couples, solo travellers and families, but also cater for any luxury cruise occasion you may have in mind such as an anniversary, milestone birthday or celebrating retirement! With experienced, bespoke service we will work with you thoughtfully to ensure that you get on the ship that will give you the best life-enriching experience possible.

For your next holiday, consider embarking aboard one of our luxury Italian cruise ships. Don’t hesitate to get in touch today about queries and questions; speak to one of our friendly luxury cruise consultants today.